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Company Profile

Tropical Web Shop was founded in early 2000 with its base on a small Caribbean island in the British Virgin Islands, offering simple website designs to individuals and small hotels that required the basic services to promote their business on the Web. At that time, we created and operated a number of websites including information portals (what we now call online news and blog websites) and tourism guides to the islands.

We moved our operations to Ottawa, Ontario Canada in the later part of 2003, where Tropical Web Shop Inc. was established as a private Canadian company. In this new high-tech environment, we continued to provide a variety of Web solutions to small business clients in Canada and the Caribbean. Over the years, we have adjusted our service offerings to our clients following the trends and changes experienced within the online tech industry. The industry is evolving daily and at a rapid pace, and as such, we keep abreast of the latests web technologies and apply them to our client’s projects.


Joseph Scatliffe, founder of Tropical Web Shop Inc., is a Web designer, developer, and project manager. He provides the leadership and vision for Tropical Web Shop Inc. and is primarily responsible for overall Business Development, Web Development Services, and Customer Relationship Management. He also oversees all technical operations and industry-standard compliance for Web technology and Internet security.